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A Revitalized RivaL

Postby rivaL Wreck » Thu May 31, 2007 2:05 pm

A Revitalized RivaL
Despite a constant murmur in the Battlefield Community of a dying 2142, RivaL has made an effort to refocus its efforts soley on 2142.


In late April, RivaL Gaming decided to participate in the ladders and league offered by TWL, and has dominated in each venue; remaining undefeated in League play as well as in both the 5v5 and 8v8 ladders.

Since the end of Season 1 in CAL and TGL, RivaL has not faced the high caliber teams it was once used to scrimming or matching on a daily basis (under the SG tag). To put it bluntly, RivaL got lazy; and when their last 8v8 match went to 3 rounds against MAD, the starters knew something had to be changed. After a Clan Meeting it was decided that with Quake Wars being pushed back possibly several months, and with 2142 being a mutually enjoyable game for the team, RivaL would begin to practice, train, and scrim as if it were another season of top-notch competition.

Their current efforts will primarily be winning the TGL 6v6 Season, while secondarily fielding a strong team on the TWL ladders. RivaL's Second team (who wears the tag "rVg") will most likely be taking over the TWL scene, while the starters (wearing "rivaL") will dominate the TGL league.

In recent news, rivaL pulled off an impressive 1 - 0 victory over MAD Gamerz' 5v5 squad, and are scheduled to face-off against both Massive Unit (5v5) and the Strike Force Rangers (8v8) soon.

Check back later in the week for updates on new additions to RivaL's Second Team as well as this week's Match results!

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