Weekly Wreckage (June 14th)

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Weekly Wreckage (June 14th)

Postby rivaL Wreck » Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:50 am

Weekly Wreckage

RivaL Gaming has re-opened 2142 recruitment in an effort to obtain one more stud infantry for rVg. Competition for a starting spot is the perfect way to keep everyone at their best, so apply today in our forums if you think you have what it takes.


The Total Gaming League is moving on to week three in their 2142 6v6 division. Rival Gaming was matched up against r@w for week 2 on Fall of Berlin, and the match was shoutcasted by EGLN. On PAC, rivaL quickly setup into a strong defensive line with each team owning two flags, attempting to get a feel for r@w's accuracy, patience, and decision making. After a brief disconnect by Cartel, rivaL's Commander, Mav and Wreck (as squad leader), made a push for r@w's back flag. While Mav held off the recovery team, Wreck sneaked his way behind square flag and had BabySpinach spawn on him for extra support. Soon enough, rivaL controlled three flags and was then able to squeeze r@w at Roadblock flag for the cap-out. RivaL players have learned learned throughout the past few seasons (including individual BF2 experience) that patience is key - in both identifying and executing offensive opportunities.

On EU, however, rivaL knew they had the advantage immediately when they saw r@w was delayed in getting Crossroads flag burned. Grenades and Rockets went flying, and when the dust settled, rivaL was quickly in possession of three flags. After absorbing several r@w attempts to recover their 'gimmie' flag, Mav and Wreck once again snuck around to their main base at Streets. Nevertheless, Wolfy became restless - and after climbing over snow-bank and leaving his position behind, r@w was able to take back Crossroads. It was quickly recovered though when Mav and Wreck were able to spawn back and show off some key rezzing and flag clearing. The map ended with rivaL in control of those three flags with a steady bleed. The scores for the two rounds were both about 75-0.

EGLN interviewed their "Iron Man", Mav, after the match. Even though Mav was feeling a bit under the weather, he still put on a strong performance, and had nothing but good things to say about his team. "I couldn't be as good as I am without my teammates" bragged Mav. He also spoke about the improved teams Massive Unit and Next Generation Army, and how their new additions could prove challenging for rivaL in the future. Check back next week for scores, match updates, and possible new recruits.

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