Rival Gaming wins 2142 TGL Finals!

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Rival Gaming wins 2142 TGL Finals!

Postby rivaL Wreck » Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:18 pm


Rival Gaming Wins 2142 TGL Finals!

Rival Gaming beat Next Generation Army in a decisive 2 - 0 victory to become TGL's 6v6 Champions for Season 1 of 6v6.

Led by Commander Cartel and Squad Leader Wreck, Rival was able to defend two out of three flags the majority of the match, even controlling all three flags for a bit. With a steady bleed, good positioning, and quick flag reactions Rival's defense proved impenetrable for NGA.

Finals scores for the match were:

60 - 0 (Rival as EU)
56 - 0 (Rival as PAC)

Thanks to E-Rev for the Shoutcast found here:

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